Reach. Resolve. Reassure.

Our Core Values

Our Core Purpose is embedded in our tag line Reach. Resolve. Reassure.

Reach.: shows our reach both in terms of our proximity to our clients and our capability to access reinsurance markets from all corners of the world; hence our Reach.

Resolve.: we are a solutions oriented organisation, where one of our purpose is to be continuously coming up with solutions to address the specific needs of our clients. Hence we Resolve.

Reassure.: As our service is based on a promise to our clients, we need to be able to inspire confidence and Reassure our clients that we will be by their sides whenever they need us. We also Reassure our clients by putting their risks in the hands of capable reinsurer with the best ratings.

To live up to the expectations of our clients and fulfil our core purpose, as a Group we promote a certain culture out of which we derive our Core Values which are:

Agility: Our ability to adapt and improve together with our clients in a dynamic world

Excellence: Our outstanding practices in driving and achieving superior results

Partnership: Our unconditional commitment to grow together with our clients

Customers from all over the Continent choose to work with us because of our Value Proposition which are:

  • Our Technical Expertise – We know our subject
  • Our Agility – We are flexible and responsive to your needs
  • Our Partnership Approach – We value your growth

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