Facultative Placements
We place all types of facultative businesses into the various reinsurance markets from around the world on either a proportional or non-proportional basis. We are very strong on all conventional lines of business like Property, Engineering and Liability and have over the years built up expertise around several niche products.
We offer various types of conventional policies, including Assets All Risks and Combined Package policies for many property risks in the Indian Ocean Islands and around Africa. We are proud to be placing some of the largest property risks in the various markets.
  • Public and Products Liability with high limits, including USA/Canada coverage if required;
  • Products Liability and product recall risks;
  • Product Liability and recall for livestock and animal feed productions;
  • Specialist Hotel operators and tour operator’s liability with worldwide claims jurisdiction if required;
  • Medical Malpractice cover for doctors and hospitals.
  • Pollution Liability
Political / Social Risks
  • Sabotage and Terrorism covers (various levels of cover can be bought);
  • Political Violence and SRCC (including looting);
  • Political Risks covers;
  • Evacuation and Repatriation in case of civil unrest;
  • Kidnap and Ransom policies.
  • Aviation Hull and Liability
  • War Cover
  • Airport Terminal Liability
  • Airside Liability
  • Ground Handling Liability
  • Liability for Helipad operators
High Risks and High Value PA
  • Personal Accident cover with high value sum insured;
  • High sums insured Life & PA covers;
  • GPA for high risks occupation like miners, offshore petroleum employees and security/body guards in risk risks areas (warzones);
  • GPA covers for military and other armed forces;
  • GPA cover for sports teams;
  • Keyman Insurance;
  • Credit Card Schemes;
  • Pilot Loss of license covers;
  • Pilot GPA
  • Aircrew GPA
Other Niche products
  • Livestock covers with possibility of including government slaughter;
  • Crop covers on either proportional, excess of loss or stop loss basis;
  • Aquaculture covers;
  • Medical Health Insurance on either proportional, excess of loss or stop loss basis;
  • Renewable energy cover;
  • Bonds and Financial Guarantees;
  • Extended Warranty Schemes for brown and white goods;
  • Extended Warranty Schemes for motor vehicles;
  • Event Cancellation and Liability covers;
  • Hole in one covers for Golf tournament;
  • Film Insurance package covers;
  • Clinical Trials Liability policies;
  • Warranties and Indemnities policies for M&A scenarios (both buyers and sellers side)
We offer the whole range of Engineering products like CAR, EAR, Machinery Breakdown, Plant & Machinery All Risks, Electronic Equipment and associated LOP and ALOP. We can also structure policies on a combined basis for specific projects covering the Marine Cargo, Marine ALOP combined with the Erection and Construction Risks. We also do a number of Decennial Liability or Inherent Defects Insurance policies in all regions we operate. While CECR’s are not very common in Africa, we have been able to do some policies.
Professional / Financial Lines
  • Professional Indemnity coverage for financial and non-financial institution.
  • Directors and Officers Liability for financial and non-financial institution.
  • Crime policies including electronic crime.
  • Venture Capital Asset Protection policies for Private Equity Funds, Real Estate Funds and Hegde funds. Cover includes, Investment Manager and Fund Investment Advisor and other consultants. Covers nominated Directorship on Portfolio Companies as well on a contingency basis. Cover combines D&O, PI and Crime.
  • IMI policies for public equity funds.
  • Bankers Blanket Bond policies, Cash on Premises Cover, Deductible Buy-Down covers and reinstatement policies.
  • Cyber Risks covers (1st and 3rd Party covers)
  • Marine Cargo;
  • Project Cargo with ALOP;
  • Marine Hull and Liability;
  • Hull P&I Cover;
  • Marine War on Land;
  • Ports & Terminal Liability;
  • Warehousemen Liability;
  • Contingency Demurrage covers;
  • Cargo in pipeline covers;
  • Fine Arts and Jewellers Block covers.
  • Upstream and Downstream
  • Onshore and Offshore
  • Combined Energy Package including Liability
  • Petroleum refineries
  • Petroleum Tank farms
T&D Lines Cover
  • Specific and dedicated T&D lines and pipeline covers;
  • Standalone T&D line cover with Business Interruption including customers extension (for specific) industrial customers.
  • Standalone T&D lines cover against natural catastrophes.
Tailored Solutions
The above list is not an exhaustive list of products that we can do. We endeavour to find a solution for the specific needs or circumstances. We have the right expertise and access to reinsurers for other non-specified products and also tailor-made solutions.