Captive Solutions

Captive Vehicle
Within the Group, we also offer the possibility for large insurance policy buyers to structure their own captive vehicle in a tax efficient jurisdiction and also allow for some element of transfer pricing mechanism, within a conducive fiscal and regulatory regime.
Underwriting and Policy Pricing reviews
Our clients sometimes experience difficulties in maintaining a loss ratio or combined ratio within margins that will allow them to make an underwriting profit. This might be caused by issues with the general terms and conditions of their policies, risk selection process, policy pricing process, claims reserving, claims settlement process or any other underwriting considerations. We can support our clients by reviewing the above-mentioned processes and making recommendations which could be implemented to redress the portfolio performance. We would also support the client in determining the correct risk premiums and policy premiums combined with a risk selection methodology that will allow them to make an underwriting profit on the specific line of business under review. Depending on the complexity of the task, we may charge a fee to cover our cost for such an assignment.