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  • Le courtier mauricien en réassurance, Reinsurance Solutions, ouvre un bureau en Grande-Bretagne

    Le groupe mauricien de courtage en réassurance, Reinsurance Solutions, a ouvert une succursale à Londres en y lançant sa filiale Reinsurance...

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Our Business Principles And Practices

Reinsurance Solutions is the trading name for the REINSURANCE SOLUTIONS GROUP which consists of the following companies:-
REINSURANCE SOLUTIONS (MAURITIUS) LTD – RSM – a reinsurance broking firm trading in Mauritius
REINSURANCE SOLUTIONS (INTERNATIONAL) LIMITED – RSI – a reinsurance broking firm trading in Africa and Middle East
REINSURANCE SOLUTIONS KENYA LTD – a Liaison office in Kenya for RSI
OURANOS CO. LTD – a holding company for RSM and RSI

REINSURANCE SOLUTIONS is a leading independent reinsurance broking group located in Mauritius, offering a wide range of reinsurance services mainly to the African insurance market.

This document sets out the basis on which Reinsurance Solutions will provide its core service of advising on and/or arranging contracts of reinsurance and/or other services as agreed by you and based on the information you have supplied.  Our services are governed by Mauritius Law, and any dispute shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Mauritian Courts.

If there is a separate service agreement and/or Terms of Engagement and Letter of Engagement in place between us, its terms will take place precedence over this document in case of conflict.

The FSC is the independent statutory body that regulates the non-bank financial services industry in Mauritius.  RSM and RSIare authorized, licensed and regulated by the FSC, (Broker License numbers: BI07000065 and OC98009340).  This can be checked on the FSC Register by visiting the FSC’s website: or by contacting the FSC on (230) 403-7000.

Reinsurance Solutions aims at all times to treat you fairly, and will not deliberately put itself in a position where its interests, or its duty to another party, prevents it from discharging its duty to you.  Reinsurance Solutions maintains internal procedures and controls to identify and manage any potential conflicts, so that at all times the interests of all Reinsurance Solutions’ clients are reasonably protected.

Where potential conflicts are particularly complex or difficult to manage, we will agree with you the best way to protect your interests and may ask you to confirm that you are happy for us to continue acting for you.

Reinsurance Solutions only places contacts of reinsurance with reinsurers that meet its minimum financial standards unless you provide specific instructions to the contrary.  Reinsurance Solutions does not guarantee the solvency or continuing solvency of any reinsurer and you should note that the financial position of a reinsurer can change.

If a reinsurer ceases trading, Reinsurance Solutions will do its best to assist you, but you should note that in those cases of reinsurer insolvency, premiums held by Reinsurance Solutions will be deemed to have been paid to that insolvent reinsurer and therefore cannot be returned to clients.  Similarly, claims monies held by Reinsurance Solutions may be returnable to the insolvent reinsurers or their liquidators, rather than the clients.

Reinsurance Solutions will be remunerated for its services in the following ways:

  • A specific fee paid by you; or
  • A percentage commission of the premium due to the reinsurer for the contract of reinsurance (please note that this will be the basis for Reinsurance Solutions remuneration unless otherwise agreed); or
  • A Loading on the premiums quoted by the reinsurer.
  • A combination of commission and loading.

Unless specifically agreed to the contrary, Reinsurance Solutions shall be considered to have earned all remuneration in full at the time the contract of reinsurance is placed.  Reinsurance Solutions reserves the right to retain in full all remuneration so earned even where a contract of reinsurance is amended, terminated or otherwise cancelled.  This does not affect any statutory cancellation rights.  The remuneration of Reinsurance Solutions is not conditional on the placement of a contract of reinsurance being made, and Reinsurance Solutions reserves the right to be remunerated for the work it has undertaken.

You will promptly pay the premium and any other charges that any reinsurer or Reinsurance Solutions invoices to you.

Where the contract of reinsurance includes a premium payment warranty or condition you acknowledge that failure to pay the reinsurer or Reinsurance Solutions in sufficient time may result in the reinsurer having the right to cancel the contract of reinsurance.

Payment must be made in the currency invoiced.  This includes, where Reinsurance Solutions have been able to identify them, and taxes and/or similar charges which reinsurers are obliged to collect or your client is required
to pay in respect of the contract of reinsurance.  Responsibility for accounting for taxes and/or similar charges on reinsurance contracts is a matter for you and your reinsurers; Reinsurance Solutions does not accept such responsibility.

You are also entitled, at any time, to request information regarding any commission which we may have received as a result of placing your reinsurance business.  We may also receive payments from reinsurers for certain consultancy, administrative and other services which we provide to them and which are not directly related to the services we provide to you.

The FSC requires that all client monies be held in bank accounts separate from any bank account for keeping our own funds. 

Reinsurance Solutions has elected to operate a non-statutory trust arrangement under which it is permitted to, and may, use such monies to cross-fund clients’ premiums and claims.  In some cases Reinsurance Solutions may:-

  • Deposit client money in bank accounts outside Mauritius, which are subject to different legal and regulatory conditions and may treat money differently in the event of bank failure.
  • Pass your money to another intermediary, including those resident outside Mauritius who would therefore be subject to different legal and regulatory regimes and such money may therefore be treated differently in the event of intermediary failure.
  • Reinsurance Solutions does not use client monies to pay itself commissions before premium is received from you or your client.  Reinsurance Solutions may earn interest or benefit from investment income or foreign exchange differentials in the process of handling client money. 

All such sums shall accrue to Reinsurance Solutions, unless the law provides otherwise.

In order to be able to arrange contracts of reinsurance and/or provide other services, you must:

  • Act with the utmost good faith towards the Reinsurer and Reinsurance Solutions at all times.
  • Disclose to reinsurers both before the contract of reinsurance is placed, and at any other time when providing information to the reinsurer, all information, facts or circumstances which are, or ought to be known to you and which are material to the risk.
  • Ensure that information provided by you is complete, accurate and is only provided with the full knowledge and consent of any data subject.

If you have any doubt whether information is material, you should disclose it to Reinsurance Solutions, as failure to do so might lead to the contract of reinsurance being avoided by reinsurers.

All documentation supplied by Reinsurance Solutions or reinsurers shall be promptly checked to ensure there are no mistakes or misunderstandings.  Reinsurance Solutions or the reinsurer must be immediately advised of any errors or anything you believe is not in accordance with your instructions or specifications.

Copies of the contract or reinsurance, and any amendments to them, should be retained for as long as it is possible for a claim to be made under them.  New documentation may not be issued every year, and subject to any regulatory requirements, after expiry or termination (whatever the reason) of our appointment, Reinsurance Solutions will not retain copies of documentation, including contracts of reinsurance.

Reinsurance Solutions and any of its affiliates who provide the services shall not be liable to you in any circumstances for special, indirect or consequential loss.  You agree that you will not bring, or assist in bringing, any claim against any of Reinsurance Solutions’ affiliates, or personally against any of Reinsurance Solutions individual directors, employees or consultants in connection with the performance of the services.

Reinsurance Solutions only requests and uses information that is necessary to support the arrangement and provision of contracts of reinsurance and/or other services.  Such information will be kept confidential and used solely in the provision of the services.  This will include sharing such information, including personal data, in accordance with normal reinsurance broking practice with reinsurers, their agents and other service providers, in order to fulfil our obligations to you.

Reinsurance Solutions will take all reasonable steps to keep all personal information and all other customer information provided by you secure at all times and to ensure that our data security procedures are adequate and robust to prevent the risk of loss of any personal information and all other customer information and to prevent the risk of financial crime, specifically in respect of the day to day working practices that affect data protection and data security.

Most contracts of reinsurance have strict written or unwritten requirements about what the reinsured should do if they have a claim or if they know about something that might lead to a claim in the future.  It is your responsibility to understand these requirements and any relevant limitation period for commencing legal proceedings or other forms of dispute resolution against reinsurers should the need occur.

Should you wish to register a complaint, please contact your regular Reinsurance Solutions contact.  Alternatively you may write to:

Reinsurance Solutions
Suite 240, 2nd Floor
Barkly Wharf
Caudan Waterfront

E-mail :

Tel: + (230) 2103238
Fax: + (230) 210-0525